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search by agents. >> i didn't think i was much of a threat to anybody. >> reporter: marian peterson may not be a threat but earlier this month she was randomly picked by the tsa to be scanned at rdu before her flight back home to florida. the officers lifted her out of her wheelchair, helped her stand in the scanner. then said she would need to be patted down. her daughter marian malone was with her. >> i asked, i said, why are you doing this? and the woman was very polite and said, i don't know. maybe the scanner detected something, or maybe she moved. she said it would be in-depth. she started the pat down and at that point she asked mom to spread her legs. mom stood there with her legs spread. and she checked every place thoroughly. >> you know, all her body. you know. her crotch and her breasts and
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everything else. >> reporter: joe, her son, believes security w wt too far. the daughter says the officers were polite, but they could have done more to protect peterson's privacy, by patting town those private parts away from the public. >> to me, i can't understand with all the people in an airport why they would pick out some little old lady. >> reporter: marian is all for security, butor those she says who might actually pose a threat. >> this is really tough to decide. >> it is. >> because at the same time a terrorist wouldn't discriminate and might put it on an older person thinking, oh, surely they'll get by. >> unbeknownst to them. >> there was the lady just recently who was asked to remove her adult diaper. >> yes. >> and she was in her 90s too. >> right. you have to think we can take these people into a private area and go through that at the very least. it is our question of the day at i would say the majority of them are saying that people just need to grin and bear it. >> deal with it.
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>> no exceptions, if you don't like it, take another mode of transportation. it's something we've all got to go through. with a little bit of delicacy when you're talking about people like this lady in the story. >> in the name of safety. >> exactly. there's more trouble this morning for media mogul rupert murdock. the fbi is launching its own investigation into the widening scandal involving rupert murdock's new york-based news corp company. investigators are looking into whether news corp personnel tried to access cell phone messages and records of 9/11 victims s d their families. a deal may be taking shape to head off the budget crisis. it would allow the president to raise the debt limit while cutting an equal amount in tacks. we may hear more about the plan when president obama holds a news conference later on this morning. abc's jake tapper reports now from the white house. >> reporter: the clock is ticking down. >> and we have no way to give congress more time to solve this problem and we're running out of time. >> reporter: congress at times
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sounds like a playground recess. >> eric cantor has shown he shouldn't be at the table and republicans agree he shouldn't be at the table. >> leader reid is frustrated as we all are. and the fact is we are going to abide by our principles. >> reporter: president obama rejected a call from house republican leader rick cantor to agree to $1.5 trillion in both spending cuts and an increase in the debt ceiling. with another vote on the matter next year. the president said no. this may bring my presidency down, but i will not yield on this. >> the president is saying, essentially, he would rather have a default than have to vote on this again next year. that doesn't make any sense. >> he is saying that leaders should lead and we have to do the right thing here. >> reporter: if the debt ceiling is not raised the federal government will default on its debt while immediately confronting the fact that it spends far more than it takes in. let's take a look at our books. next month the government will
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take in $172 billion in taxes. but it will owe $307 billion. the government will be forced to choose. after paying the interest on our debt, the government could pay for social security, medicare, medicaid, troop salaries, veterans' benefits, homeland security, unemployment insurance, tax refunds, education, and the faa. but that means it would not fund the centers for disease control, food stamps, aid for the feedy, federal housing, energy, and the highway programs, the fbi, and much, much more. a democrat familiar with negotiations said at the most recent meeting there was a growing recognition that they needed to put aside the talking points and get to work. but the clock is ticking. jake tapper action abc news, the white house. mexican soldiers have discovered a 300-acre marijuana plantation, the largest ever found in that country. the field in baja california was covered with thousands of pot
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plants. that translates to about 120 tons of harvested marijuana worth about $160 million. the growers managed to set up a sophisticated irrigation system to keep the crops healthy. a seattle window washer is happy to be back on solid ground after spending 40 minutes dangling five stotoes in the air. jose garcia was working alone when a chain securing his seat snapped leaving him hanging by his harness. he wrapped himself around a safety line and did exactly what i would do, he screamed for help. firefighters sent up a ladder and helped him walk down. he was shaken but not hurt. to greater heights now, outt of this world, in fact. astronauts aboard shuttle "atlantis" are troubleshooting their second computer problem this week. the failure in one of the shuttle'e'main computers forced nasa to wake them up yesterday an hour and a half after going to bed. that's a little rough. they got up again at midnight to take another look. nasa says "atlantis" is stable and there are no concerns for the crew's safety. scheduled to return to the
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kennedy space center on july 21st. i think that's really when it's going to sink in that the shuttle program is winding down. here is a look at your weather for this friday. severe storms from denver to fargo and the twin cities. heavy rain for the southeast and gulf coast. thunderstorms from texas to tennessee and kentucky. more heavy rain from new mexico to utah. showers in the pacific northwest and northern california. >> 70s along the pacific coast. 92 in colorado springs. triple digits in phoenix and dallas. 91 degrees in kansas city. and 86 degrees in indy. boston gets up to 82. miami 90 degrees. visiting an amusement park is always a treat for any 3-year-old. but for a little california boy this visit was packed with a little something extra. >> dane sparks loves lego land, especially his favorite character there, darts vader. he was posing for a picture when another character asked if he could join in. >> it turned out to be dane's dad. he's a marine sergeant who's been deployed in afghanistan
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since january. obviously a picture-perfect moment there. it's like better than if luke skywalker had walked in. >> his own superhero. >> exactly. pretty amazing stuff. we'll be right back with more "world news now." let me tell you about a very important phone call i made. when i got my medicare card, i realized i needed an aarp... medicare supplement nsurance card, too. medicare is one of the great things about turning 65, but it doesn't cover everything. in fact, it only pays up to " 80% of your part b expenses. if you're already on or eligible for medicare, call now to find out how an aarp... insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company, not paid by medicare part b.
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so i took my heartburn pill and some antacids. we're having mexican tonight, so another pill then? unless we eat later, then pill later? if i get a snack now, pill now? skip the snack, pill later... late dinner, pill now? aghh i've got heartburn in my head. [ male announcer ] stop the madness of treating frequent heartburn. it's simple with prilosec otc. one pill a day. twenty-four hours. zero heartburn. no heartburn in the first place. great. lady liberty there. there was some major girl power going on this week. we sawawut the soccer field and at a science fair. >> while all eyes have been on team usa's performance of the
2:46 am
world cup there are other american girls who are also kicking something other than soccer balls. abc's sharyn alfonsi explains. >> reporter: just like that. u.s. women's soccer team has turned goal power into serious girl power. especially for those of us who grew up rocking their own shin guards. see that little boy? that's actually me. i had no problem blending in. but i was often the only girl on the field. today, more than 1.5 million girls play soccer. but in another field, womom are still seriously outnumbered. science. only 12% of engineers today are female. which makes what happened at the google science fair this week so amazing. 7,000 entries from 91 countries. >> sean from sow paul. >> i'm from south africa. >> reporter: the winners? three american girls. >> when i go to school, i feel like an all-american teenager.
2:47 am
>> reporter: naomi shaw discovered ways to improve indoor air equal quality for people with asthma. >> i enjoy violin, piano. >> reporter: certain marinades on grilled chicken create harmful carcinogens. >> we are here to actually see the cattle drives -- >> reporter: 17-year-old sha re's breakthrough, identifying a protein that could counter the resistance some women have to chemotherapy. >> that perception that women can't compete in science has been ingrained in this field for so long. this shows that our world is changing and women are stepping forward in science. and i'm excited to be a small part of that. >> reporter: the future stars of another field. no shin guards required. sharyn alfonsi, abc news, new york. >> and sha re got a $50,000 scsclarship for her work, a trip to the galapagos islands, an internship with sern in switzerland. pretty amazing stuff. obviously those three girls, call them girls but they're
2:48 am
mature women, young women, amazing stuff. >> great ideas. also some great ideas, a bright idea here as far as usa, i think that we can safely say they're going to beat japan. as a matter of fact, they've never lost to japan in 25 games. >> the odds are pretty good, right? >> exactly. i'll be tuning in on sunday. >> it's been an amazing run so far. coming up, the emmy nomination judges are just mad about a popular cable tv program. >> "mad men" dominates the nomination list, along with a few surprises. you're watching "world news now."
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the nominations for the 63rd annual primetime emmys are out. and as usual, abc's "mad men" is leading way. >> very popular show. there were plenty of other
2:50 am
familiar shows and actors getting nods and a few surprises and snubs too. here's abc's karen travers with more this year's nominees. >> i can see you have good taste. >> reporter: amc's "mad men," which focuses on the changing american workplace in the 1960s, came out on top with 19 nominations including one for best drama. "mad men" has won in that category the past three years. >> i don't even know our number. >> reporter: abc's "modern family" was s e most nominated sitcom with 17 nods including best medy, a category the show won last year. all six of "modern family's" adult actors were nominated for a supporting role, including ed o'neill who scored his first-ever emmy nomination. 89-year-old betty white continued her blazing run back into the spotlight with a nomination for best supporting actress in a comedy for her role in "hot in cleveland." the biggest surprise may have been melissa mccarthy's nomination for best actress in a comedy. nobody seemed more shocked than
2:51 am
mccarthy herself, who was up early in los angeles to announce the nominees with actor joshua jackson of "fringe." >> melissa mccarthy, "mike and molly." >> oh my god, yikes. >> usually see more familiar faces during these emmy nominations than at your tenth high school reunion. any time there's a new face it's pretty exciting. >> reporter: several actors were nominated in their final chance to win an emmy for their current roles. connie britain and kyle chandler earned lead actor nods in a drama for "friday night lights" which was canceled. steve carell, who's leaving the starring role in "the office," was nominated for best actor in a comedy. the awawd ceremony will be held on september 18th in los angeles with "glee's" jane lynch hosting. karen travers, a a news. >> would you say you're a true "mad men" fan? >> i am, as a matter of fact. you can almost call me a don draper wannabe. >> you've got the look, i can see it. there you are. >> check it out.
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i really should have worn my fedora, what was i thinking? i love the pocket scarves coming back now.
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